DoES Liverpool Does Threads – Sunday 28th April 2024

23rd April 2024

We’re taking over Tate Liverpool + RIBA North at Mann Island next Sunday 28th April from 13:00 to 16:00 for an afternoon of creative activities bringing together traditional textile techniques with modern, digital ways of making.

We’ll be bringing along examples of fibre arts tools that we’ve made using our 3D printers and laser cutters, including weaving looms and sashiko stencils, as well as some of our favourite digital tools such as our CNC embroidery machine and pen plotters. We’ll also be displaying a selection of simple wearable electronic circuits by artist Laura Pullig.

Throughout the afternoon there will be the chance to join artist-led drop in textile crafts. Here’s a quick run through of what to expect:

Liz Taylor – Sashiko and visible mending techniques

Liz will be delivering a sashiko hand sewing workshop using Japanese patterns for stitching to create attractive patterns that can be used for visible mending. She’ll be using laser cut and 3D printed templates.There will also be demonstrations of the embroidery machine, making patterns and patches.

Local maker Liz, from Sew Taylor Made Designs, uses Japanese fabrics to handcraft bags and accessories. She was creative from an early age, sewing and creating art. After moving from Australia, Liz was influenced by sewing techniques from around the world whilst teaching and travelling. She developed a love of sewing with Japanese fabrics after being introduced to them by a friend. Many of the patterns on the Japanese fabrics Liz uses were traditionally stitched by hand using a technique called sashiko. Sashiko embroidery creates decorative patterns with a running stitch. She enjoys it as a mindful method of stitching (that’s also highly addictive) It can be used for decorative purposes or for mending, which was its original purpose.Liz became involved in DOES as an interest in laser cutting developed, making stamps and other items for her business. This evolved to using other equipment, such as the embroidery and sewing machines, and becoming involved in the community.

Instagram/Facebook: @sewtaylormadedesigns

Karen A Scott – Making flowers using yarn, recycled fabrics and 3D printed peg looms

Karen will demonstrate how to make t-shirt yarn and various ways of using peg looms to create cords, tubes and flowers.

Karen is a multi-skilled, master maker, who uses minimal tech and has a love of hand tools. As her
dexterity declines, she finds new, innovative ways of doing her work sometimes creating tools and
integrating tech. She adapts traditional processes & techniques such as embroidery, crochet and
chainmaille working with plastics and ring pulls.
Discarded plastics and cardboard, reclaimed wire, preloved textiles and yarns are worked with to
create wearable art, sculptures, costumes, puppets and sets for performance and festivals.
Karen is extremely precious with her waste material, understanding that collecting, processing and
crafting takes time, skill and effort and hopes to spark creativity and encourage others to use
discarded materials.
Instagram Kassimaker

Tamasine Seibold – Free form weaving – Creative expression through weaving

Tamasine will be inviting participants to explore colour and texture through yarn and various looms. To weave with freedom, to your rhythm – there are no rules.

Instagram @tamasine_seibold

Mike Gorman – Demonstration of rug hooking on a large rug project

Mike will deliver a workshop on rug hooking of initial letter squares, as well as demonstrating 3D printing of frames and repair parts

As a maker and organiser at DoES Liverpool, Mike gets involved in many different
projects, as well as passing on his knowledge to other members and visitors who visit DoES
Liverpool. His main interests are in technologies such as electronics, CNC, Laser Cutting, 3D
printing and Electronic Music, but he also has a passion for rug making, currently mostly Rug
Hooking, and organises a monthly Repair Cafe at DoES Liverpool as part of his interest in repair
and re-cycling. Instagram @gorman662

Zarino Zappia – Paper Dolls

Zarino has designed a set of paper dolls and costumes, which he’ll be “drawing”, on-demand, with
one of DoES Liverpool’s pen plotters. Kids (and big kids) can cut out and colour in their own copies,
to take home.

Jackie Pease

Demonstrating some of the technology ‘Does liverpool’ has to offer the creative community .

Neil Morrin

Demonstrating how easy it is to make a fishing net using 3d printed netting needles

More details on the Tate Liverpool website, including accessibility and how to get there

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