Not everyone fits into the 9-5 office mould, and not everyone even has an office to go to anymore. That’s where co-working comes in.

With a desk available for you whenever you need it, rather than having to pay a regular fee for an office you might not always use, co-working helps you keep your costs down and gives you a freedom and versatility that traditional set ups don’t have. As well as this, the opportunity to meet people from multiple different lines of work can help you to expand your horizons, create new collaborations and come up with ideas and solutions that you may otherwise not have. And that’s quite aside from the fact that it gets you away from the same old four walls, and gives a renewed impetus to work – it’s so much easier to be productive away from home comforts!

If you think co-working might be a solution for you, come along and give us a try – we’ll even let you have your first day free if you bring a cake to share!

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