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Organising Events at DoES Liverpool

Do you wish to host your own event, be it open or closed? Well here at DoES Liverpool, we are lucky to have a space for you. Our main event room hosts our own maker events, in addition to being available to community groups. Should your event be open to all, then there are commonly no fees. A private event such as a company away day or closed seminar is, would most likely incur some fees, generally £100/day or around £15/hour contact us for more details. We do have 24 hour access and can accommodate weekend bookings depending on the availability of people to let you in.

Our events room offers flexible layouts, depending on usage:

Conference Style Layout

Seating for up to ~30 people, with a 1024×768 projector, and a screen. It is possible to push the number of people to 40.

Social Meeting Layout

Groups of tables with seating for ~12 people. This could be expanded with some desks to allow for 14-16 people.

The following facilities are always available:

  • Air conditioning for heating and cooling the room
  • Black-out blinds
  • High speed synchronous internet and very good Wi-Fi

If you wish to enquire about booking an event, then please email us at, or tweet us at @DoESLiverpool.

Make sure to check our calendar, and the Liverpool Digital Events calendar to avoid clashing, if you wish to book an event, or are just curious about what events are being hosted by us. For more complicated events, feel free to talk to us.

We also have a second meeting room available if our events room is busy or is too big for your needs. Again get in touch if this would be useful.

Things to consider

Arriving early onsite is important, to allow for proper event set-up. Also, make sure that any promotion for the event is clear and precise, so as to avoid people going to the wrong address or arriving at an incorrect time. If you need help with promotion, enquire on our mailing list, or contact us.

Naturally, DoES has WiFi. However, events place it at a full load. A specific effect of this is YouTube freezing, so ensure videos are downloaded and easily accessible prior to the event.

The Tapestry Building can be accessed 24/7, but prior set-up will be required if the event is out of hours, to ensure access for both you, and attendees of the event. New members to the community organising an event are preferred to be present during event opening, and event closing.

We advise keeping to a single signup system, such as or EventBrite, so as to avoid organisational confusion with attendees. This links to the importance of a sign up system, allowing you to keep in contact with attendees. The aforementioned is popular for regular meetups, with EventBrite handy for one-off events.


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