When we first opened in Gostins, there were many people who wanted to support our work but didn’t have any use for our services, and so we created the ability for those people to become ‘Friends of DoES’.

After our move to the Tapestry, we decided to formalise this a little more into DoES Membership. Although you do not have to be a DoES Member to use any of our equipment or services, should you wish to support what we do, for £10 a month you can become one.

Other than the warm fuzzy feeling you get from knowing that you are helping to keep the community going, we also offer our Members reduced prices on all of our services, and there are plans afoot for further benefits in the future.

For spaces like DoES that rely entirely on the community that use it to fund it, every little is invaluable, so if you think we’re epic, and want us to continue to be so, please consider becoming a DoES Member today.

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