Each week we’ll endeavour to publish some details of the interesting things that members of DoES Liverpool have been up to over the past seven days. You can find out a bit more about them in our introductory post.

And remember, if you’re involved with DoES Liverpool at all, let us know what you get up to so we can include it here!

Things of Note

  • <osfameron> who are we and what have we done with the real Room29? #weeknotes
  • <mcknut> heh, camviewer inbox zero is celebrated by the rails app crashing because it doesn’t know how to handle *no results*! #weeknotes
  • <mcknut> mapme_at: Google Latitude API, Mobile Web and Snappy Places, some improvements to the site went live recently! http://is.gd/ZrXouz #weeknotes
  • frabcus: Just tested – 35 meter range for my RF transmit/receive along corridor at @DoESLiverpool #makerday #weeknotes
  • thingomy: Resistors is futile @DoESLiverpool #week notes http://via.me/-9k2hndg

Coming Up in the Next Week

Wednesday 13th, 7-9pm Maker Night
Thursday 14th, 6:30-9pm Lean Liverpool
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