Week 82 & 83

7th January 2013

Each week we’ll endeavour to publish some details of the interesting things that members of DoES Liverpool have been up to over the past seven days (or fourteen in this case!). You can find out a bit more about them in our introductory post.

And remember, if you’re involved with DoES Liverpool at all, let us know what you get up to so we can include it here!

Things of Note

  • < osfameron> ELECTRICITY IS HARD #weeknotes
  • DoESLiverpool: New year, new you, new startup? We’re open for business so come in and hot desk or workshop and get 2013 off to a flying start! #weeknotes
  • WhereDial: Last WhereDial built in 2012 is the first one shipped in 2013, also the first to the US! #weeknotes
  • mcknut: My new year’s resolution may be to always have an iOS app waiting for review. Comedy GPS now, CamViewer tomorrow #weeknotes
  • < DefProc> *has submitted maker faire application* #weeknotes
  • < amcewen> Storing things in /the/ cloud is so last year.  We’ve now got our own cloud at DoES Liverpool #weeknotes
  • < amcewen> Experimenting with Openstack on an old spare server #weeknotes
  • < mcknut> Another version of CamViewer iOS app off for testing and submitted to Apple #weeknotes
  • < mcknut> Another potential New Year’s resolution? finally read The Art of Electronics #weeknotes
  • < amcewen> Top tip: You can greatly increase the speed of your 3D prints by making them hollow when you generate the gcode #weeknotes
  • mcknut: Wow, these people talking about going back to work tomorrow. @DoESLiverpool was unoccupied for *one* day over the “holidays”! #weeknotes
  • mcknut: Goodbye Basic Sat Nav, hello Comedy GPS! Re-branded one of my apps after a few complaints 😉 #weeknotes

Coming Up in the Next Week

Monday 10th January 2013, 6-9pm Liverpool Sewing Club
Wednesday 9th January 2013, 7-9pm Maker Night
Saturday 12th January 2013, 10am-5pm Maker Day
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