To all members of the DoES community – Liverpool Makefest 24 June 2017

28th May 2017
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Preparations are underway for this year’s Liverpool Makefest on 24 June 2017 at Liverpool Library. For anyone who hasn’t been before, this is the north-west’s biggest Maker event and features “over 200 makers showcasing science, technology, crafts, creations, inventions and gadgets … with hands-on activities, ranging from coding to crafts” https://lpoolmakefest.org.

DoES Liverpool will be playing an important role in the event and it’s an ideal opportunity to show off all aspects of the organisation.

We’ll have 4 tables, a screen showing videos and still photos, and a display stand for 2D work, as well as posters explaining what happens at DoES.

If you have anything that you’ve made at DoES and would like to display on the day, then get in touch (see organisers on Maker night / Maker day, or email the Google group). We already have lots of stuff to display, including a selection of wearables, a laser-cut and 3D-printed dolls’ house, pinhole cameras, neon signs, moulded clay tiles, Nixie tube clock, Acker’s bell and Museum in a Box, LoRaWAN, helmet cameras, miniature art, 2D stencils …, but the more the better in terms of showing the wide range of stuff that goes on in DoES.

If your stuff is less physical e.g. software, translation, and you’d like to write something about it then that would be great too.

We’ll also need volunteers on the day, and to set up on Friday night. You can volunteer here: https://lpoolmakefest.org/volunteer/ . Make sure to say that you’re volunteering for DoES. People who’ve already volunteered: you’ll also need to sign up here, as it lets you state your food preferences for Saturday lunchtime sandwiches, and you’ll get invited to a pre-event volunteer’s meeting on the Thursday evening).

There’s also a Git repo here https://github.com/DoESLiverpool/Liverpool-Makefest-2017/ with a number of issues looking for additional helpers.

Any queries, please get in touch via the Google group https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/does-liverpool/pYSP-AKB8Io or ask me or one of the other organisers on Maker night / Maker day.


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