October at DoES

It’s shaping up to be a busy month at DoES this October. After the success of our rocket building workshop on Thursday 12th, we’ve got lots more open events coming up.

Saturday 14th October, 1200-1800 – Liverpool Open Studios event

DoES is participating in the Liverpool Open Studios event all day on Saturday. This showcases homegrown artistic and creative talent in Liverpool by opening up 19 art and design studios across the city. See Twitter for more details (#lost17).

The Open Studio tour also coincides with the DoES monthly maker day event, where anyone can come along and find out about our workshop, tools, and how to use them.

Saturday is also Social Saturday, a national day of celebration and support for social enterprises, so that’s an extra reason to come and visit us! Find out more about our social enterprise structure here.

Wednesday 25th October, 1900 onwards – Internet of Things Meetup

Regular monthly event about the Internet of Things, with guest speakers, pizza and beer. Look out for more details on Meetup and Twitter.

Saturday 28th October, 1000-1700 – Make : Shift : Do

Make: Shift: Do is a ‘nationwide programme of craft innovation workshops’, taking place up and down the country to help get the public involved in craft and maker spaces.

We’re opening DoES between 10am and 5pm on the day and there will be lots of activities for people to get involved in. See the Crafts Council site for more information.

We’ll also be holding a free workshop event “Sublime Heartbeats” where you can build a simple pulse reader using an ESP32 board, and then use dye sublimation to print images onto mugs and bags. You can also book this through the Crafts Council site.

And don’t forget our regular Maker night every Thursday, and Wearable Tech on Monday evenings.


Looking back on Liverpool Makefest 2017


DoES Liverpool had a great time at Liverpool Makefest on Saturday. We showed off what we do and make, made new friends and got back in contact with some old ones. Thanks to everyone who helped out as exhibitors, volunteers, and behind the scenes. Also to the Makefest organisers, especially Mark and Jen who worked so hard to make the event a success.

For those who couldn’t be there, here’s a selection of DoES-related photos, mainly from Twitter and Instagram …

The Electric Liverbird (on the 2nd floor):

Made Invaders:

The DoES stand:

Repurposed Tosca screen with large DoES Liverpool logo and work by Hexceramic and SilentBelle:

See you at Makefest.

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We’re right at the top left in this photo:


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Paul Geering’s unique Nixie clock:


… and as you can’t see it in the previous photos, here’s a picture of Andy Goodwin’s ROV:

Autonomous rover prototype testing.

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From the Fomocam:


Some official pictures with official watermarks(see more at https://www.facebook.com/pg/liverpoolmakefest/photos):


DoES maker day regulars visiting Laura Pullig’s stall:

Tactile Electronics @lpoolmakefest #LivMF2017 #technology #kidsintech #electronics

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After party:


Looking forward to next year.

To all members of the DoES community – Liverpool Makefest 24 June 2017

Preparations are underway for this year’s Liverpool Makefest on 24 June 2017 at Liverpool Library. For anyone who hasn’t been before, this is the north-west’s biggest Maker event and features “over 200 makers showcasing science, technology, crafts, creations, inventions and gadgets … with hands-on activities, ranging from coding to crafts” https://lpoolmakefest.org.

DoES Liverpool will be playing an important role in the event and it’s an ideal opportunity to show off all aspects of the organisation.

We’ll have 4 tables, a screen showing videos and still photos, and a display stand for 2D work, as well as posters explaining what happens at DoES.

If you have anything that you’ve made at DoES and would like to display on the day, then get in touch (see organisers on Maker night / Maker day, or email the Google group). We already have lots of stuff to display, including a selection of wearables, a laser-cut and 3D-printed dolls’ house, pinhole cameras, neon signs, moulded clay tiles, Nixie tube clock, Acker’s bell and Museum in a Box, LoRaWAN, helmet cameras, miniature art, 2D stencils …, but the more the better in terms of showing the wide range of stuff that goes on in DoES.

If your stuff is less physical e.g. software, translation, and you’d like to write something about it then that would be great too.

We’ll also need volunteers on the day, and to set up on Friday night. You can volunteer here: https://lpoolmakefest.org/volunteer/ . Make sure to say that you’re volunteering for DoES. People who’ve already volunteered: you’ll also need to sign up here, as it lets you state your food preferences for Saturday lunchtime sandwiches, and you’ll get invited to a pre-event volunteer’s meeting on the Thursday evening).

There’s also a Git repo here https://github.com/DoESLiverpool/Liverpool-Makefest-2017/ with a number of issues looking for additional helpers.

Any queries, please get in touch via the Google group https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/does-liverpool/pYSP-AKB8Io or ask me or one of the other organisers on Maker night / Maker day.


Make:Shift:Do 2016 at DoES Liverpool

Last Friday and Saturday saw this year’s edition of the Craft Council’s Make:Shift:Do, a programme of workshops, open days and events all across the UK.

We’ve celebrated Make:Shift:Do here at DoES Liverpool for each year it’s run and this year was no different. We put on an open day and a series of workshops.

There was a whole range of things for people to try out: you could design and make your own t-shirt; create a musical LED pumpkin; get your fact 3d-scanned; or build some LED jewellery and soft circuits.

To give a flavour of what went on we’ve collected together some of the tweets and photos from the day.

If you missed out on coming along, or are itching to get on with more making, remember you can always come along to one of our regular Maker Nights (every Thursday evening, 6:30-9pm) or Maker Days (the second Saturday each month, 10am-5pm).


Copyright Jason Abbott

image with thanks copyright Jason Abbott

DoESLiverpool are developing an iteration of the Enabling the Future project within the “Build Your Own: Tools For Sharing” Exhibition at FACT 4 June – 31 August 2015 with the Crafts Council and in association with Norfolk Museums Service and Norwich Hackspace. Ross Dalziel, Patrick Fenner and Adrian McEwen who are permanent deskers at DoES Liverpool are helping facilitate and support a ‘production line’ area in the FACT show within their main gallery 1 on the ground floor to 3D print open source designs of upper limb prosthetics. It’s inspired by a local family the Abbott’s who used our workshop to print hand parts independently. You can see an image of Baylee Abbott above.

Over the course of the exhibition FACT Gallery Assistants and DoESLiverpool will assist the public in testing and building 3D printed prosthetics using the open source design “The Raptor Hand”. The public will have the opportunity to play, experiment and understand what prosthetics are and how access to rapid prototyping and open source digital making tools can help people make the world the way they want it.

By working with Reach in the NorthWest, the association for children with upper limb deficiency, we’ll be helping a number of children (primarily) from the North-West and, when the exhibition tours, East Anglia where Norwich hackspace are assisting. In addition, the exhibition which tours to Norwich will raise awareness within the Reach community and the general public about some of the uses for 3d printing. It’s worth noting that the Raptor Hand is more of a tool rather than a fully functional prosthetic device and has very limited grip strength.  For more details on the design and its suitability check out http://enablingthefuture.org/faqs-general/

DoESLiverpool if you are new to us, as an organisation, do not do projects in a sense; we simply help our community to realise their projects with the facilities we have. Our community is essentially anyone who wants to do something with us. Part of the ‘deal’ of this project is that DoESLiverpool and Norwich Hackspace can keep the new larger 3D printers, Ultimaker 2’s, so that if people do need to print more hands in the future at DoESLiverpool, we will have extended our facilities so that they can. If a group grows and develops around the activity in the exhibition then that group can continue to use DoESLiverpool to support it like the many diverse groups that call DoESLiverpool home.

We are managing the project on github which we hope will aid Norwich hackspace when they help with their side of the tour.

There are a few dates of specific activity the public need to book on to aside from the public launch on the Thursday 4th June at 6pm. Booking details will follow on Eventbrite

Outside of these workshop dates the public can visit the exhibition and see the hands gradually being printed and finished so just like the DoES workshop but a little more formal and with more context and a visual explaination of the process of building the printed hands for DesktopProsthetics. Gallery assistants will be able to explain the process and show some of the completed parts as they are printed and prepped ready for assembly

Merry Christmas

Seasons greetings to all from DoES Liverpool. Don’t forget our Christmas party this Saturday from 2pm. There’ll be various things happening through the afternoon and possibly into the evening! Bring some festive cheer, and some food and drink along, and enjoy Christmas with us.

You can get some festive cheer in early by changing the colours on our Christmas tree! Simply send a tweet mentioning a colour and the word “cheerlights” and our tree will change colour, you can even see it on the webcam below! (Updated once a minute now disabled until next year!) More information on how to control CheerLights here.

Even more impressive, you can control the LED screen at FACT in a similar way due to a new installation by MCQN!

DoES π Party!

It occured to us recently that our third anniversary had come and gone – in July, actually. Obviously, a momentous occasion like this should be celebrated, but it seemed silly to hold a party so long after the event.

Luckily for us (and, of course, the whole DoES community), we’re not the type of people to let silliness hold us back, and certainly not when it comes to getting everyone together for a shindig. With that in mind, we just needed to find a reason, and one presented itself with an almost perfect serendipity – after all, what better celebration could we hold than one to commemorate our πth anniversary?

Strictly speaking, it might not be exactly our π day (that would be 51.1 days after our birthday, which is hotly disputed. Concensus is that it’s sometime in July, and 51 days after July is September 20th) but it’s as near to it as makes no difference, and besides, without a little number fudging, there’d be no party at all.

So, on Friday September 19th from 6pm, we’ll be hosting a get together right here in DoES. There’ll be everything you’ve come to expect from a DoES party – namely beer, food and a lot of great people – and a few surprises. And no doubt pie, in all its forms.

So bring your kids, bring your old people, bring your dogs*, but most importantly, bring yourselves, and help us see in a fourth year.

Well, the rest of our fourth year.



*Not really. Dogs hog the laser cutter.

Giant Viewing Party

Over the next few days Liverpool will be following the progress of a couple of giants as they roam the city.

As you can see from the itinerary in the above link, here at DoES Liverpool we should have a great view of them as they come along Hanover Street tomorrow.

Hot-deskers and residents will get to see the Little Girl Giant and her dog Xolo around lunchtime as they pass one way, and then later on (we’re guessing about 5pm) the Grandmother Giant will pass by on her way to Newsham Park.

As it’ll be Friday afternoon, we figured it would be nice to break from work early and have a bit of a viewing party to watch the Grandmother pass by.

So, we’re going to get some cake, ice-creams and drinks, and open up DoES to all our friends from 4pm on Friday. Come along, have a chat and an ice-cream, and watch some giants with us.

A Route to Space for Liverpool and UK business?

As part of the International Festival of Business, the British Interplanetary Society returned to its birthplace of Liverpool for a day of discussion of doing “business in space” – Mark from Reddbridge Media attended out of curiosity, and found some real messages for the businesses, makers and experimenters of today and tomorrow.

Read his report here on the DoES blog.

Continue reading “A Route to Space for Liverpool and UK business?”

You are cordially invited to an EPIC celebration.

Champagne from our 1st Birthday party
Champagne from our 1st Birthday party

We can hardly believe that DoES has been running for two years now, but we are 2 and feeling All Grown Up!

Whether you’re a regular hotdesker, maker, run an event here, or are just getting to know us we’d love you to come to our Birthday Bash after work on:

Come and join us!   Let us know you’re coming by emailing  hello@doesliverpool.com, tweeting @doesliverpool  or by replying here so we’ll have enough food for you!

We’ll have mouth watering Thai food from our friends’ new start-up Malong-Lae Thai.  Chris and Mild Iveson have been living in Thailand for many years and have recently moved back to the UK, so the food promises to be authentic, fantastic and not to be missed.

Do bring something to drink, though we’ll have some beer to start you off, and we’ll all likely repair down to the pub afterwards.

As well as being a great opportunity to get to know people from different parts of our wide community, there will be various fun things to dive into, including a session for kids run by Future Makers.

Hope to see you there!
Bubblino, and everyone at DoES.