Giant Viewing Party

24th July 2014

Over the next few days Liverpool will be following the progress of a couple of giants as they roam the city.

As you can see from the itinerary in the above link, here at DoES Liverpool we should have a great view of them as they come along Hanover Street tomorrow.

Hot-deskers and residents will get to see the Little Girl Giant and her dog Xolo around lunchtime as they pass one way, and then later on (we’re guessing about 5pm) the Grandmother Giant will pass by on her way to Newsham Park.

As it’ll be Friday afternoon, we figured it would be nice to break from work early and have a bit of a viewing party to watch the Grandmother pass by.

So, we’re going to get some cake, ice-creams and drinks, and open up DoES to all our friends from 4pm on Friday. Come along, have a chat and an ice-cream, and watch some giants with us.

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