Workshop Membership at DoES Liverpool

29th July 2011

In addition to running the free Maker Night at the Art and Design Academy and at our own DoES Space, for anyone wanting to have more frequent access to somewhere they can come and tinker more often we offer a monthly Workshop Membership. This gives you access to benches to work on, our collection of tools such as soldering iron and multi-meters and you also get a storage crate so you don’t have to cart your projects around with you.

Outside of normal working hours we aim to keep the space open until 9pm Tuesday to Thursday, and on Saturdays – but check in advance so we can make sure someone is around.

Monthly Membership is £30 per month.

Members also get discounted hot desking at £6.50 per day.

If you have a permanent desk with DoES Liverpool you get Workshop access and storage included in your desk price.

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