Christmas Opening Hours

20th December 2016

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Christmas is coming up. If you weren’t aware, consider this fair warning that your mother/significant other/dog is probably expecting some kind of gift.

Even Makers like to relax, so we’ll be having some downtime over the festive period, and figured it made sense to let you know, and hopefully keep the wailing and gnashing of teeth down to a minimum.

We’ll be closing at 5:30pm on Friday 23rd as usual, but will then be closed until 9:30am on Tuesday January 3rd.

However, if you have out of hours access set up, you will be able to get in whenever the building is open, which will be from 9am to 4pm from Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th. 

It might be possible for you to get in during those times even if you don’t have out of hours access – just email hello@doesliverpool.com with the times you’d like to come in, and we’ll try to help you. No guarantees though – we may all be sleeping off a surfeit of mince pies and brandy.

So there you have it, clear as day. We’re closed, but only if you don’t want to come in, in which case, we’re probably open, but it depends if we can be bothered to be. I genuinely don’t know how I can make this much easier for anyone.

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