Welcome to our October 2023 Boost Members

21st September 2023

Super late announcing this but we had 33 people apply for Boost membership this time and during the past week picked the winners and we’re ready to announce them now. These lucky people get a desk or workshop membership of DoES Liverpool to use for their projects, or to progress their business, or for pretty much whatever they want over the next 6 months. Without further adieu I welcome…

Desk Membership Winner – Simon Jones

A picture of Simon Jones in a green jacket wearing a small white hat which appears to have been folded from paper. Simon gets an allocated desk to use over the next 6 months, together with access to the workshop if he need it, he told us:

I’ll be focusing on honing my skills in Unreal Engine, photogrammetry, motion capture, and Blender. I’ve got some projects I’m working on currently, including concept art and animation for ‘Space Jarg,’ a sci-fi film I’m co-writing with Kaylee Nicholas. I’m also working on a music video for the band Unimaginable Lovers. Plus, expect to see some general video and animation work using techniques from virtual production. I’m always on the lookout for interesting collaborations too.

Workshop Membership Winner – Ashleigh De la Haye

Ashleigh De la Haye with bobbed orange hair wearing a sparkly hair band and holding a microphone as she performs stand-up comedy,Ashleigh gets full access to the workshop for the next 6 months. She also looks like she might be an entrant for our next DoES Does Stand Up event (if Kirsty gets around to organising one!) She gave us this update:

So excited to be lucky enough to have been picked! I’m looking forward to experimenting with new mediums and materials for kitsch and crazy jewellery designs as well as trying my hand at sewing!

A warm welcome to both our winners and we really look forward to meeting you and seeing what you create in our space!

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