Liverpool Hannah Directory Collection Point Launch

26th November 2019

Join us for the launch of a Hannah Directory collection point at DoESLiverpool. Over the next few months our community will help distribute the sixth edition of Hannah Directory, which launches during the week of Monday November 25th 2019.

In the afternoon of Friday the 29th November, Andrew Wilson will be delivering our batch of Directories which anyone can come and collect from our friendly co-working and makerspace and meet our community.

Hannah Directory highlights people and organisations doing great things in places in the north of England and we want our community to use the directory to build upon our links with other interesting and exciting individuals and organisations within Liverpool

DoES Liverpool exists to support people to do their best work, grow into the lives they want to lead, and to explore and create ways of working and living for the modern day in a just society; spreading making, tech, and the new possibilities of digital tools throughout Liverpool and beyond. We have a networked, rather than command-and-control, mindset which matches the ethos of the Hannah Directory. Our networks don’t just exist within the community, we link with people and organisations in other networks to achieve more collectively.

Hannah Mitchell who inspired the directory, talked of the “beauty in civic life” and for us beauty is something to watch unfold around people making things.

The six editions of the directory have so far featured well over a hundred people and organisations with the same enterprising spirit and this year it includes artists, musicians, community groups, digital technology companies, policy think tanks, a music festival and a volunteer-run cinema.

They are drawn from a huge geographical area from Barrow to Sheffield and Newcastle to Liverpool. Bringing them all together in one directory means ideas and inspiration can be exchanged between people and places in the north for the common good.


Hannah Directory is named after an inspirational figure from the north of England, Hannah Mitchell (1872–1956), a suffragette and rebel who tried to create ‘beauty in civic life’ in her work on public libraries, parks and gardens.

Images from DoESLiverpool are attached. More images are available on request.

For more information or comment contact hello@doesliverpool.com

Web: DoESLiverpool.com
Twitter: @DoESLiverpool
Instagram: @DoESLiverpool
Facebook: doesliverpool

For more information or comment on Hannah Directory contact directory coordinator Andrew Wilson on andrew@hannahfestival.com.

Web: hannahfestival.com
Twitter: @hannahfestival
Facebook: hannahfestival
Instagram: hannah_directory

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