Hello to our July Start Boost Members

25th June 2023

We were a little late arranging the latest boost membership but we’re very happy to announce that we’ve picked our new July start Boost members. With a warm welcome to both we can announce them as…

Desk Membership Winner – Sanna

A photo of Sanna standing at a stall with lots of crafting implements in front of here and a variety of photos and artworks behind her. She is wearing a "Maker" badge from Wirral Makefest.Our first winner is Sanna, an artist who will be taking on desk membership for the next 6 months. She sent over this quick bio:

I usually describe myself as a Maker, but haven’t done as much making lately as I would like. So I’m excited to have a workshop space again and look forward to using the fantastic facilities that DoES have on offer. Although my craft skills are more traditional, I’m hoping to get used to using the more modern machines and technology to make prototypes and small batch production runs of gifts and souvenirs for a project that I am involved with at the moment, called Ron’s Place. I would also like to play around with some ideas I have had for my own creative work.

Workshop Membership Winner – Jo

A photo of JoMo standing holding an artwork in front of her. Just the top of her from her nose upwards is visible. Behind her the view is entirely taken up by shelves of vinyl LP records.Our second winner is JoMo, another artist who will be taking on the workshop membership for the next 6 months. You can find her on Instagram as @jomotopia. She had this to say:

I’ve been mostly working in illustration and video for a while but have been itching to play with making 3D objects. In the past I have used paper to create 3D geodesic domes and other abstract shapes for installations, I have also made wooden sculptures.  This time I’d like to experiment with making illuminated perspex objects/ shapes, I don’t really know yet where it’ll go but I want to use this opportunity to explore some ideas that have been sat in my sketchbook for a while.

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