Welcoming our January 2024 Start Boost Members – Kez and Neil!

1st February 2024

We’d like to welcome our new January 2024 start Boost members, Keziah Thomas-Mellor and Neil Morrin (admittedly it’s February, but we did have a couple of other people who unfortunately weren’t able to take up their spaces …)

Workshop Membership Winner – Keziah

Keziah is our new workshop member. Sounds like she’s got some interesting plans for her time at DoES Liverpool! In her own words: “My intentions are to continue refining my questioning of my relationship to the landscape, from growing up on paved pathways to walking and climbing in our ‘green and pleasant’ land. Speaking to themes of accessibility, ownership and climate change.

My previous involvement in woodworking has been building extensions of our environments to facilitate responses. Such as through ladders to binoculars, for the audience to gaze at harsh mountains drawn onto coffee lids, or platforms to heighten risk and focus within my durational performances.

I am currently interested in exploring boundaries and fences, paired with the varying types of stiles. Alongside this, I have begun involving tree bark, drawing upon its textures and a layer of protection. Though I’m not too sure yet how or if this might fit in, this is the exciting aspect of my practice as the workshop will have the facilities to explore this and encourage it to unravel. “

You can see some of Kez’ art at @keziahtmart

Desk Membership Winner – Neil Morrin

Neil is our Desk Membership winner. Here’s what he has to say about what he does, and what he hopes to get from his time at DoES Liverpool:

“What I do???? 

I drink coffee, allotment, ride bikes, build websites, do digital heritage stuff, communications, and website hosting. I also run Ignite Liverpool (open space talks) and Jelly Liverpool (open networking). 

What I aim to do as a Boost Member

I am an old friend of DoES Liverpool so this has felt like a bit of a cheat, but when John told me that I was the 3rd out of the hat and the previous two out of the hat hadn’t bothered responding and would i be interested I said YES YES YES. 

We were told years ago that we should take a day out from our normal work each week, to do something different as a way to think differently, to grow, and to bring those new skills back to our everyday jobs. So I want to use my boost membership to give myself some space to learn some new skills, make new things, and meet new friends. If I haven’t made 5 things by the end of this boost membership you all have permission to throw things at me.”


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