Launching the October 2022 Boost Membership

15th August 2022

Again just over a month since we welcomed Sorrell and Julie it’s time to open applications for the next boost membership starting in October.

If you already know what you’re doing then head over here to apply otherwise read on for more information about Boost membership.

Apply for Boost Membership

The DoES Liverpool Boost Membership was introduced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our opening DoES Liverpool, the amazing coworking and shared workshop space in the Fabric District of Liverpool. Boost membership gives two people the opportunity to use the space free of charge for six months either with an allocated desk or by having 24-hour access to the workshop.

As things get increasingly difficult for people due to inflation, fuel prices and all the economic woes we’re dealing with at the moment we thought it would be worth pointing out that boost membership is open to anyone, even existing paying members. If 6 months free membership would help you out at the moment then feel free to apply, of course if you’re not already a paying member you are still welcome to apply.

We’re also really interested in getting some feedback on the Boost Membership scheme, especially to find out what might put people off applying and any suggestions for what we might change. If you have any thoughts to share please fill in this form.

Applications are welcome until 11:59pm on 11th September, any applications received after this point will not be considered. We will endeavour to announce the winners within 48 hours.

We’ve now created a dedicated page with lots more information about Boost Membership so if you want to find out more just head over to there and take a look!

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