Introducing our January 2023 start Boost members!

27th December 2022

We announced our January 2023 start Boost members at our DoES DoES Christmas event. We had 30 entries, from which two winners were picked randomly and have now confirmed that they can take on the places starting in January. Here’s some brief details of our winners:


Susan Ryder

Susan is our new workshop member. She says she has many creative ideas and sees this opportunity as possibly the push she needs to achieve them.

You can find her on Instagram at @Thatkind_studio and @outwork_liv  (90s fitness classes!)





Tash Evans

Tash is our new desk member. She came in on Thursday to collect her tag and choose her desk, and has now sent us this picture – so if you see anybody hanging upside down, that’s her.

Tash is the founder of QueenswaY, a community interest company dedicated to platforming female, non-binary and LGBTQ+ artists. Working predominantly in the electronic music industry, QueenswaY strives for diversity and inclusion across festival and event line-ups working both locally and across the country.
She often works with Melodic Distraction, who run their radio station and bar from just by DoES Liverpool, so that part of her life is certainly going to be more convenient.



We’re really looking forward to welcoming our new members into the space more. Both are new to DoES Liverpool and they’re both eager to get started. If you see them while you’re in be sure to say “Hello!”

Unfortunately we only had two places to offer so we know that, as last time, there will be some people left disappointed now. We do hope to continue running this scheme on a regular basis though and there should be more information about the next cohort soon.

For the geeks amongst us… as mentioned we had 30 entries. Twelve of those were for a full time desk and the other eighteen for workshop membership. The Google Form puts the entries into a spreadsheet and we picked a winner by using “randomise range” on the rows. After that it was a simple case of going down from the top and picking the first of each type of membership, which brought us to Susan and Tash. The results were announced by John at our DoES DoES Christmas event (organised by Kirsty, one of our previous Boost members!)



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