Week 357 – Our First Week in the Tapestry

9th April 2018

Each week we’ll endeavour to publish some details of the interesting things that members of DoES Liverpool have been up to over the past seven days. You can find out a bit more about them in our introductory post.

And remember, if you’re involved with DoES Liverpool at all, let us know what you get up to so we can include it here!

Things of Note

Coming Up in the Next Week

Monday 9 April, 7:00pm-9:00pm IoT Liverpool: Andy Stanford-Clark – “Innovation Begins at Home”
Tuesday 10 April, 7:00pm-9:00pm Wearables Group
Thursday 12 April, 9:00am-6:00pm Jelly Liverpool
Thursday 12 April, 6:30pm-9:00pm Maker Night
Saturday 14 April, 10:00am-5:00pm Maker Day

The Big Move

Did you hear, we’ve moved to The Tapestry, just off London Road. We’re open for business, but while we’re settling in we’re including a brief update on how things are going each week.

This week things have moved on lots!  The wood and laser-cutting workshop is completely finished and looking awesome.

The kitchen has had vinyl  flooring fitted and also been plumbed in and units fitted, although we’re waiting for the electrician to run a feed to the water heater before we’ll have hot water.

There’s been lots of tidying and cleaning in the events room, which has been events room, office and kitchen for the past week, so it’s nice to be starting to expand out from that into the rest of the space.

In the main room, there’s been lots of work done on the floor.  The floors in the space are the biggest remaining task (more on that in a moment) and it’s been great to see so many people from the community pitching in to help with that (and everything else).

There’s plywood down over the most uneven section of floor, and this week that will be getting carpeted.  For the rest of the floor in the main room, we’ve been scrubbing (most of that is done now) and scraping off the old white paint, before giving it all a coat of varnish.  We’re close to having half of it varnished now, and once that’s done it’ll be a huge leap forwards in the space being fully operational.

People are working on making the space great most evenings and over the weekends, and all help is gratefully received.  Similarly if you can spare time during weekdays, we’re open for co-working and workshop users anyway and you’re welcome to do some decorating alongside them.

If you want to help out, check the DoES Move The Tapestry and DoES Move – Settling In labels on the Somebody Should issue list, or get in touch.

Our Crowdfunder Campaign

To help pay for all the costs of the move we’re running a Crowdfunder campaign.  We need your money and, more importantly, your help in getting word out about it.

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed an excellent development in this at the end of last week…

WE HIT OUR TARGET!!!!  Thanks everyone!

Never one to rest on our laurels (and partly due to our discoveries about the flooring that we mentioned earlier), we’ve added a stretch target.

With just over a week to go, we’re extending our stretch target to a total of £7250.

This extra money will be spent on making sure our new home is at its best for all of our visitors. More specifically, the flooring of the new space needs some TLC, having withstood many years of wear and tear, paint and dust. So we’re looking for money to spend on:

  • Carpeting or lino where current flooring is not fit for use: £1100
  • Some black-out blinds for our new events space so that our projector can be used at all times of the day: £1150

Spread the good news and encourage your friends to help us reach the new target.  If you’ve been holding off because there was plenty of time to pledge, now would be a good time to dust off your credit card 🙂

Please share it with people you know, email them, tweet about it, post on Facebook or Instagram… it all helps, even if you think you don’t know many people, you’ll know different people.  Plus if you tag the DoES Liverpool accounts in any of your social media posts it lets DoES and others share your post too, so giving us more impact than if you just copy one of the DoES posts.

So, get as many people as possible too visit http://bit.ly/DoEpicFunding!

Somebody Should

The DoES Liverpool to-do list is stored in the issues of our Somebody Should repository on github. Head over there if there’s something you’d like to report, or if you want to help out fixing things.

See all the issues…

Issue counts: 243 open, 508 closed

20 new issues:

Featured issue: Flooring for the events room. Can we move this on or close it?

6 issues closed:

Thanks cheapjack, amcewen, johnmckerrell!

Community Content

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