"Introducing Hot Desks At DoES Liverpool"

If taking on a full time desk at a co-working space doesn’t suit your needs, then DoES Liverpool offer a pay-as-you go Hot Desk service allowing you to book a single day in the Liverpool DoES Space to take advantage of the wi-fi and meeting room facilities if required. We have space in both the main room and a quieter office.

Individuals can book a Hot Desk for just £8 per day, or people with Workshop Access Membership can get a day at a hot desk for just £6.50.

If you’re unsure how hot desking will suit you, as a special offer we will give you your first day’s hot desk for free with just one catch: You need to bring in some cake to share on the day. Or if you are passing by and just want to pop your head in to say hello and see what we have going on and where we all work, feel free.

"Introducing Co-Working at DoES Liverpool"

The DoES Liverpool Co-Working office offers a shared space where freelancer workers and micro-SMEs can find a desk to work from and a community of individuals in similar situations to take away the isolation of working from home or to offer a more professional location then working from a coffee shop.

If you take a desk at DoES you get somewhere to call your own, no need to carry everything around with you in your bag. You’ll get a set of drawers and can leave things on your desk without worrying about passers-by. You also get access to the Workshop facilities and use of the Meeting Room all included in the price, and how much is it? Just £150 a month for all of this.

The DoES Space is centrally located in Liverpool City center inside the Gostins Building on Hanover Street and offers free wi-fi.


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