"Boost Membership Update"

With our new Boost membership application going live last week we wanted to share a post that has kindly been written by one of our Boost members,¬†Gabriele, who joined us in October 2022. It sounds like she’s been having a great time learning about the equipment in the space. She has also been collaborating with some of our members and sharing her knowledge with us.

A close up photo of an intricate laser etching of what looks like a hand-drawn dragon. The very narrow depth of field causes the top and bottom of the image to be blurred leaving only the centre in focus.In October I was so lucky to win the boost membership for DoES Liverpool. It has granted me access to a number of wonderful machines and more importantly to many incredible people. Everyone in the DoES community has expertise in some field and they are more than eager to share it with anyone interested. Everything in DoES is set up by the community members so anyone can ask and learn about the inner workings of laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC mills or knitting machines, and get involved in calibrating and maintaining the equipment.

I have been using the laser cutters to make beautiful engravings on wood. I like making intricate designs that resemble an ink drawing and using different settings on the laser cutter to replicate the pen stroke effect.

A screenshot of a 3D design software showing a four legged creature with a long segmented torso, almost resembling a caterpillar, with two spindly arms.I have also met a number of people involved in game development. I am now designing characters for a hobby game project, as well as building a demo training platform in VR for a security company. I have recreated the Tapestry building where DoES is currently housed to use in our demonstration.

DoES is a perfect place to find exciting opportunities and learn new skills, I would recommend it to absolutely everyone.

Thanks Gabby for the great post! We’re glad you’re having such a fulfilling time at DoES Liverpool and look forward to your continued involvement.

For everyone reading this post who thinks this sounds like somewhere you would like to spend more time, we have a weekly Maker Night on Thursday evenings from 6pm and a monthly Maker Day on the second Saturday from 10am-5pm. These are free sessions you can drop in to and have a look around the space or get started on a project. You can also come in any time and have your first day free if you bring cake or snacks to share! Finally, as mentioned above we have just opened applications for the April 2023 Boost Membership, so sign up if you’re interested in six months free access to DoES Liverpool!

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