That’s right, you get your first day of hot desking free if you bring cake (other shareable snacks are available and appreciated 🙂

We find it’s a good way to let people try the space out and work out whether they’d like to work here. Even if you’re thinking of taking a permanent desk you can make use of this deal to try the space out first.

Permanent Co-Working Desk

A desk and lockable storage facility plus workshop, access generally 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday (not public holidays).

£150 per Month (rolling contract with one month notice period)

Hot Desk

A day at a desk for just:

£10 per Day

Workshop Access

Get access to our workshop space to work on your own projects, and a storage container so you don’t need to cart all your bits around.

£50 per Month

Friends who DoES

Want to support DoES but don’t need a desk or workshop access? Why not become a Friend who Does Epic shiStuff? You’ll get your own, lovingly laser-engraved membership card and a whole host of exciting benefits that we haven’t quite worked out yet.

£9 per Month

Event Space Hire

If you would like to hold an event at the DoES  Liverpool space, get in touch.