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"Laser Cutter Improvements"

DoES Needs You!

As you’re all probably aware, one of the best things about DoES — other than the sense of community, great prices, wealth of knowledge, networking opportunities, amount of different tools available… there are too many best things! — is our laser cutters. Sophia the Smaller Laser and Gerald the Gigantic Laser are the most popular and busy machines in the workshop, and are a valuable asset, not just for DoES, but for the whole Liverpool area.

From time to time, they do need minor repairs, and we try to carry those out as quickly as possible. However, it is finally time for them both to have the kind of overhaul that has been necessary for a while, to ensure that both cutters keep running at optimum capacity for you, for as long as possible.

To ensure this, we are going to be buying various bits of new hardware to keep Sophia and Gerald happy –

  • a chiller for each cutter so they’ll cut more powerfully and for longer, even on hot days,
  • a new, more powerful extractor fan for Gerald (that won’t need vacuuming out every 2 weeks!),
  • built in ducting, to simplify using the cutters, and improve the airflow control (less smoke in the workshop),
  • a new lens for Gerald,
  • new, fresh mirrors for both cutters,
  • a dedicated CO2 extinguisher for the cutters.

As you might imagine, this kind of upgrade won’t be cheap, and that, hopefully, is where you come in.

We’re asking for help from the DoES community to put towards the cost of these upgrades. We expect them to cost around £1400, (although £850 would cover the cost of the chillers and extractors) and want to raise as much of that as possible by 3rd July, at which point we will take whatever is collected, and get to work improving!

We understand that you all give so much to the DoES community already, and thank you for that, but hopefully you’ll be able to help us past an investment hump, and make your workshop even more epic.

How to donate

The best way is by bank transfer to:

Account Number: 65487257
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Reference: LaserPledge

Make sure to include that reference so we know you’re not paying hotdesking!

If you’d like an invoice for you accounts, just email to ask Sean for the amount you’d like to donate.

You can also give any of the organisers cash, if that’s easier for you.

Or you can donate by Paypal:

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"Laser cut artwork produced here"

Christine Toh has provided us with a lovely write-up of the laser cut, pop art inspired work that she’s been producing recently in DoES. This goes into exhibition at the Bluecoat Display Centre (almost across the road from us) from 23rd January to 7th March 2015.

Christine Toh

“Fleurs d’Amour” Collection / “Flowers of Love” Collection Medium: Acrylic or acrylic and wood, paper, laser cutting and digital printing.

I am a mixed media French artist living in Liverpool and have graduated from John Moores University in Fashion and Textile Design in 2008.

The development of my work is closely linked with the exploration of new processes and materials. The use of text and the use of colours have always been a strong inspiration and key elements of my work.

I learned last year how to use a laser cutter at DOES, a fantastic non-profit community organization supporting local entrepreneurs and makers in Liverpool. This had led to the development of a new set of work: the “Fleurs d’Amour” series or “Flowers of Love” series.

Those flower pendants have been designed from the word “amour“ (love) written in a circle as a message of eternity.

The flowers have been cut mainly in acrylic but birch wood has also been used and been combined with the acrylic to create the case. The word “amour” has been engraved in the center.

The red cord has been hand twisted and the piece is presented in a square kraft gift box.

Each piece is unique and individually made with attention to details.

A vibrant and dazzling colour palate has been chosen to inspire freshness, optimism, fun and the pendants will hopefully provide pleasure to wear.

Put together the “Fleurs d’Amour” will remind you of Andy Warhol’s iconic Flower Series designed in 1965.The reference to Andy Warhol emphasizes how pop art ideas are very much part of our everyday world today.

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